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    I just wanted to take a moment to commend the staff of Runaway Bay! Anytime I stop in the office, the girls always have a smile and a moment to listen and assist me. The location and price are what brought me here, but the staff and community are what keeps me. I definitely recommend this property (after having lived at many communities) because they care. I’m home :)
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    Nice place to live, great apartment community at a great price. Jill in the office has been great and maintenance staff has been helpful.
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    Review 3 of 4: Friendly office management
    The office manager Jill is always a pleasure to work with. She makes sure my input is heard and any issue I may have is resolved in a timely manner. The shared areas are always well maintained.
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    Runaway Bay has been an awesome place to Live- it is peaceful - Quiet - and the Staff there is on top of everything- Thank you to the Runaway Bay Team - Jill - Mike- and Crystal